Ticket Utilization

Precast's proprietary AI engine provides unmatched account level ticket usage predictions to keep you ahead of fan behavior and with a filled arena night after night.

Fill Your Seats

Precast delivers predictions directly to account managers and sales reps. By prompting donations, resales or a fan re-engagement, Precast's attendance prediction powers your sales team to optimize ticket usage.

Precast Attendance Prediction

Maximize Home Court Advantage

Fans want to cheer in a packed stadium and players want to play in one. Use Precast to boost attendance, creating the best in-game atmosphere for your organization. Filled seats mean more wins1 and an energized fan base.

Seat-Specific Sales Recommendations

Precast analyzes your entire fanbase to find the best leads for you unsold inventory. Teams using Precast's sales engine get to successful sales 27% faster than without it.

Ticket Matching Engine

Our proprietary prediction engine optimally matches unsold tickets to fans most likely to buy them. Allow your sales reps to operate efficiently by equipping them with curated scoring for individual seats, days before the game.

Precast Sales Recommendations

Capture Unrealized Revenue

On average, over 10% of professional sports tickets go unsold and teams lose out on tens of thousands in revenue per game. We've changed that; sell more seats, capture missed revenue, and fill your stadium with Precast.

Realtime Renewal and Upgrade Scoring

Know where your fans stand everyday and see how your actions are affecting their behavior.

Attrition Prediction

Understand how to properly prioritize offseason communications and allocate your resources to at-risk fans. Don't be left guessing or relying on static measures of past behavior, let our artificial intelligence engine power your retention efforts.

Precast Retention

Propensity to Upgrade

Understand which fans are primed to come to more games, purchase more seats or raise their existing ticket packages. Enable your retention team to know which fans are ready to take their fandom to the next level and provide them curated opportunities to do so.